Interactive novels

Poor Dionysus, an interactive novel

“Poor Dionysus” is a gamified book that invites high school students and young people to an explorative reading and open (re)interpretation of classical literature. The digital space hosts a textual game-based application through which young people could simultaneously read and play the work of the Romanian writer Mihai Eminescu. The project resonates with several current innovative practices aimed to encourage reading habits among young people by integrating the philosophy of gamification as an approach to learning. “Poor Dionysus” is designed as an educational product that transforms high school students from passive and captive readers of school-required literary texts to active […] Read More »

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DreamTech – The Gamenovel

DreamTech is a soft science-fiction gamenovel that uses a hybrid narrative and symbolic resource accumulation to raise awareness of the social impact of fake news. The storyline is inspired by post-phenomenological concepts and perspectives, thus reflecting an understanding of technology as a mediator between humans and the world. The gamenovel invites players to ponder the processes through which human interactions with technology shape our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us. Through procedural rhetoric, the gamenovel draws attention to the ubiquity of disinformation ecosystems in an interconnected society and suggests that media consumers are inevitably exposed to deceptive and […] Read More »

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